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budget and tax plan. he's refused to say if he supports the lily ledbetter fair pay act for women. he's refused to say if he would enter one-on-one nuclear talks with the iranians. he's refused to answer questions relating to richard mourdock's rape comment. and finally, mitt romney has actually refused to go on nickelodeon and answer questions from children. now, if mitt romney can't answer questions from 5-year-old kids, how do you think that's going to play with the national press corps? and isn't it interesting that fox news can't even get an interview with mitt romney right now? for more, let's turn to congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz of florida. she's a chairwoman of the democratic national committee. chairwoman, good to have you with us tonight. it's a very strange strategy, being played out by mitt romney. what do you make of it? >> well, i think what this boils down to is a matter of who do you trust? i mean, we know that there is a very stark contrast and a clear choice in terms of the two directions that we could go. but, i mean, time and again now, we have examples o
. and it will be more of the same. mitt romney has no plan for taxes. he can't be direct on that. he has no plan when it comes to repealing obama care and what he's going to replace it with. and what about immigration? which in these last few weeks hasn't gotten a whole lot of attention. he has no plan for america. and now he's going to be the guy who's going to reach across the aisle? get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question. who do you trust to work with the other side? text "a" for president obama, text "b" to mitt romney to 622639. always to our blog at we'll bring you the results later on in the show. joining me tonight, karen finney, msnbc political analyst and former communications director of the dnc. karen, good to have you with us tonight. >> good to see you, ed. >> this is -- this is a rather interesting closing argument that mitt romney is making that he's going to be the guy that's going to reach across the aisle. when that really is the last thing his party wants him to do. how's this going to work out? >> also you know what, ed, i think
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was going to do. mitt romney on the other hand, won't give specifics and tell anybody what his tax plan is going to do. i don't trus this guy not to take away my home interest mortgage deduction. >> karl rove is now saying that sandy helped the president politically. >> he had this big prediction in 2000 that bush was going to win by a huge margin. and after the election he said, oh, no, it was the drunk driving thing that derailed us and made the election so close. what we saw in the gore campaign we were making huge process. we were hurt by the drunk driving thing because it took the story away from medicare and social security. >> how concerned are you about the shenanigans that's been played out in ohio of suppressing the vote, the long lines that your campaign with senator kerry experienced in 2004. i mean, is there a chance that president obama could lose ohio? >> i think it will be tough. they have a lawyers on the ground there, the exoin campaign. and you know, you're right about 2004. if you were a college student or an african-american, you sometimes had to wait eight or ten h
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-- >> we have the first storm-related attack ad. americans for tax reform sent around this flier to households in virginia. is this just the beginning? >> it is, but, remember, it's incredibly clunky. this has gone out into homes in virginia where you have people still devastated by the storm and recovering from it. if this really is a genuine grover norquist piece of literature how did he get a reputation for being good at politics? >> i don't know why mitt romney didn't say a lot of you americans across the country have donated to my campaign. we're talking $50 billion worth of damage. why don't you give to the red cross? i mean he j
needed and hasn't diverted 40% of it to tax cuts for business, today we would have a lot more teachers, which is future wealth for america, nurses and cops on the street. so this is very important, and we would be in much better shape, but for the republicans insistence on taking care of the politicrats. >> what about the scare techniques that mitt romney is using and the president calling him out on it and the recession talk? >> there is the recession talk, but actually i thought more outrageous was the idea that if the president gets reelected, we're going to be back to default and this idea of a government shutdown as if it is the president who thinks that defaulting on america's debt or shutting down the government is a good idea. those are the republican tactics. you know, i'm amazed how much and how apparently confident mitt romney can be in projecting republican positions on to this president and accusing him of being responsible for everything the republicans want to do. it is just not the case. he knows that. republicans know that. but it is something that he seems to think he
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Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)